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John Calvin Quotes

A Little Book on the Christian Life : Key Thoughts

A Little Book on the Christian Life by John Calvin Key Quotes

New Translation by Burk Parsons

The book was originally a part of Calvin’s Institutes

Chapter 1 The Life Of A Christian Man : Scriptural arguments

  • “the goal of God’s work in us is to bring our lives into harmony and agreement with His own righteousness, and so to manifest to ourselves and others our identity as His adopted children.”

Chapter 2 A Summery of the Christian Life : Self-denial

  • “it is the duty of believers to present their bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God. And in this consists genuine worship of him.” Great progress in the Christian life is displayed when “we nearly forget ourselves, that in all matters we hold our own concerns in less esteem, and that we faithfully strive to devote our energies to God and His commands.”

Chapter 3 Of Bearing the Cross : Branch of Self-denial

  • he visits us with disgrace, or poverty, or bereavement, or disease, or other afflictions. Feeling altogether unable to support them, we forthwith, in so far as regards ourselves, give way, and thus humbled learn to invoke his strength, which alone can enable us to bear up under a weight of affliction. Nay, even the holiest of men, however well aware that they stand not in their own strength, but by the grace of God, would feel too secure in their own fortitude and constancy, were they not brought to a more thorough knowledge of themselves by the trial of the cross.

Chapter 4 Meditating on the Future Life

  • “in whatever trouble comes to us, we should always set our eyes on God’s purpose to train us to think little of this present life and inspire us to think more about the future life. For God knows well that we are greatly inclined to love this world by natural instinct. Thus, He uses the best means to draw us back and shake us from our slumber, so that we don’t become entirely stuck in the mire of our love for this world.”

Chapter 5 How To Use the Present Life

  • “If [God’s people] are merely passing through this land, then without doubt they should make use of its goods only insofar as they aid rather than hinder their journey.”