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Spring 2019 Turkey Shoot Winners

Winners: Left to Right: BJ Warner, Steve Guthrie (2 rounds), Jared Allison 11 years old (3 rounds), Dusty Pickett, Brenda Shockley, Logan Shupe and Dylon Leonard

Pastor Mike with grand prize winner Dylon Leonard

Round Winners:

Round 1: Steve Guthrie – Pork Tenderloin
Round 2: Jarred Allison – Fishing Pole
Round 3: Dusty Pickett – Outdoor Recliner
Round 4: Logan Shupe – Filet Knife Set
Round 5: Jarred Allison – Outdoor Game Camera
Round 6: Dylon Leonard – Country Ham
Ladies Round 7: Brenda Shockley – Walmart Gift Card
Youth Round 8: Jarred Allison –Fishing Pole with Tackle Box
Round 9: BJ Warner – Pork Tenderloin
Round 10: Steve Guthrie – Hammock Swing

Grand Prize Round: Dylon Leonard – CVA Wolf Stainless 50 Cal. Muzzle Loader